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Jim Robeson



Jim is a two time Grammy® Award winning Engineer, a two time WAMA Producer of the Year recipient, and four time WAMA Best Engineer of the Year


Jim’s Story


Jim became interested in audio as a young boy when his father bought a mono Aiwa tape recorder. Soon he was making sound effects, acquired some small lapel microphones that he hid throughout the house. While that bit of mischief soon got him in deep trouble with his family, it led to more exploration in music and recording.


He earned $90 to buy an accordion, took lessons from Mario Busatto, and had his first gig with Bill Abernathy and the Pennsylvania Hillbillies Square Dance Band -- an auspicious beginning Jim is still proud of.



Later, Jim's dad bought him an "Airline" (Montgomery Ward) guitar for Christmas, and soon he and his brother Kenny started a band. They cut their first 45, "It's The Way She" in a studio in Franklin, PA. From then on, Jim was hooked on the process and started recording as much as he could on little 3-inch tape reels. Jim continued to play guitar in high school, but soon found a new love in playing bass.


Just after high school, Jim  drafted into the Army. He served his country during a tour of duty in Vietnam, where, aside from his duties, he would sing American songs weekly on TV in Hue City.


When he returned home, he got a job working for Xerox, yet music and recording remained his true passion. He soon helped form another band, Newington Station, that spent most of their time recording in various basements and experimenting with available resources and a 4 track Teac 3340 with “simul-sync". 


Jim built a studio in his basement, with a control room, 2 Teac 8 channel 4 buss mixers that he modified into a 16x8 console, and he began doing multi-track recording. After a recording session by Al Johnson's NorthStar Band, the band hired him as their regular bass player. Jim suggested they record at Bias Recording in Falls Church VA, where engineer/owner Bob Dawson asked Jim to join the studio’s team. 


Since then Jim has engineered, produced, arranged, composed, and performed on hundreds of recording projects. He is an expert in both analog and digital recording, editing, and mixing, and is in the elite echelon of music professionals. He is also very knowledgeable in MIDI and sequencing. While he mostly uses Protools recording software, he also has experience using many other digital formats. 


In 2014 he established Jim Robeson Productions, LLC, offering services in music and video recording projects. He has his own multi-track studio, with state-of-the-art gear, including API, Neumann, AKG, Grace, WAVES, and Slate Digital.


Jim has won 2 Grammy Awards, worked on 11 Grammy-nominated projects, was nominated for a Grammy for best engineered album, is a 4-time Washington-Area Music Association (WAMA) Engineer of the Year, and 2-time WAMA Producer of the Year


Over the past decade, Jim has directed, shot, edited, and produced over 300 videos, including music, instructional videos, concert and live performances, crowd funding, weddings, and other videos.



Jim has always adhered to a global standard for quality. As an artist, he understands the process on both sides of the recording studio window, and brings that level of professionalism to every client, project, and performer.

Jim has been recording and producing music for over 30 years.

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